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The Time Travel Café is an immersive theatre experience inspired by the Parisian salon culture of the 1920s but with an absurdist twist. The show folds over  5 hours of content into a whirlwind of conversation, games, and discoveries.


The café and its secrets will leave you feeling as if you've woken from a surrealist dream.

The Setting

You step into a bustling salon softly glimmering in vintage modern style.The Doctor hands you a cocktail and brings you over to meet The Queen, who is busy trying to understand her new wristwatch.

Vincent Van Gogh is arguing with The Madam and Joan d'Arc is beckoning you into a dimly lit alcove, eager to swap secrets. Somehow this all feels familiar... but what you do next is still completely up to you.

We at SpaceFold Technology have spared no expense in keeping your timetravel experience safe, elegant, and seamless. We believe that, no matterwhen you're from, everyone deserves to feel special.


It's A Midnight in Paris meets Doctor Who.

We're Coming Back to Chevron

The Time Travel Café will be returning to Chevron Island this June! Register your interest and be notified when tickets become available for purchase

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