The Time Travel Café is an open-ended 60-minute immersive theatre gallery, reminiscent of the Parisian salon culture of the early 1920's but with an absurdist twist. 21st-century patrons are invited to talk, connect, question, and explore the patented SpaceFold timeless void-lounge along with travellers from throughout history.


It is a means to connect with 5 historical figures from across time to aid in understanding our past, to question the conventional narrative, and to expose hidden stories. Through the dialectic, it also aims to bring hope for the future.


The Time Travel Café has been created and developed by James Elliott and Kristian Santic who have been performing, developing, and devising theatrical experiences across the country for over 9 years.


This is the first time they have been able to combine their unique skillsets to create an experience that promises to provide meaningful interactions while giving audience the opportunity to truly "have a conversation with history".


5th May - 23rd May

Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun
6:00pm | 7:30pm | 9:00pm


The Tailor Shop - Canvas Club

16B Logan Road, Woolloongabba