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Meet The Team

Kristian Santic


Kristian is a roving, interactive, immersive performer as well as director and choreographer. For over 7 years he has been worked across Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and throughout regional Australia

James Elliott


James is an immersive experience designer specialising in interactive entertainment, escape room design, narrative worldbuilding and experiential services.

The Cast & Crew

Frequently asked questions

Is this immersive theatre?

Yes. It is an immersive and interactive performance, somewhere between a cocktail party and a anachronistic networking event. Audience will be able to talk to the performers, ask questions, and will even be tasked with helping them solve a problem or two.

Who are the historical characters?

That would be giving away the surprise. But rest assured some well known figures from history have RSVP'd their invitation and cannot wait to meet you.

How much does it cost?

The ticket price is $45 per person. Follow us on instagram or sign up to the newsletter to recieve discounts or find hidden tickets.

Do I have to interact with people?

Not at all. We are so thrilled to have you and want you to feel comfortable in The Time Travel Café. There is no pressure to interact with performers or audience. All decisions to interact with performers made will be made by you and with your active consent.

How long does it go for?

The entire session will last 60 minutes. We know that's not very long so if you would like to come back your ticket will be half price!

What is the dress code?

We want to represent the more eccentric side of 2021. So we are encouraging you to dress your most surreal. Maybe its a mask, or a cape, or an entire bouquet strapped to your head.

Can I come back?

We would love to see you again. We have designed the experience to reward repeat viewings. You may feel like there was so much going on you couldn't take it all in. Our returning guests will recieve a 50% discount on their return ticket.

Is Time Travel dangerous?


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We acknowledge the traditional owners of this land, the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People of this Country. We also pay respects to Elders past and present, who strive to build a better and more sustainable future for future generations.

Brie Jurss

Brie is a professional actor, voice artist and producer. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Creative Arts from USQ in 2015, she has worked with multiple companies including Grin & Tonic Theatre Troupe, Mashed Theatre Inc and La Boite Theatre Company. In 2019, Brie produced and performed in ‘FLOOD’ apart of Anywhere Theatre Festival which won an Anywhere Award and universally glowing reviews.⁠